A Food Lover’s Guide – Travelling to The Midlands

There is more to England than just the North and the Southside. There is an entire stretch to the country that is in between the North and the south. These places are amazing are not always looked into and is called the Midlands. The beauty of the Midlands is that it has a heritage attached to it being the birthplace of Shakespeare. The place has a beautiful heritage connected to the Industrial Revolution as well. The countryside is a perfect paradise to explore for any tourist who wants to explore the culture and food here. There is a little bit of every lifestyle that is offered here and the options to enjoy your time here is splendid as well. No need to worry about the photo opportunities that you will have here as the scenic escape is a hub for historic and modern explorations.

Experiencing Food in The Midlands

The culinary experience here is very recommended, especially if you like being involved in food making. You can make your own dough and learn new culinary skills if you wish while touring the factories here. The friendly and warm atmosphere of the countryside is set to keep you happy from within. While you can choose to cook your own food like the locals do and enjoy some hands-on experience time, you might decide to enjoy some time out as well. For these days there are plenty of eateries that you can indulge in. Birmingham has several Michelin star restaurants while the outside of London has some fantastic countryside offerings to tempt the palate. 

The Best Eateries and The Best Foods

There are a couple of places that stand out amongst the rest when it comes o food in the Midlands. The cross, The Simpsons Restaurant and the Lasan are a few of the noteworthy ones. Each of them offers rustic menus and Michelin star experiences. The tempting tasting menus are splendid and divine to treat yourself and your family to. The famous curry of the Midlands is best from Lasan as even the brilliant Gordon Ramsey loves it here. A burst of flavour and diverse indulgence awaits the food-loving tourist here. While Lasan is the best, the other curry houses that you will find are good too.

Brewing is a significant happening at the Midlands, and with the vast number of ales and beers you can get to try here, there is no wonder. There’s always a pub somewhere on every street that offers a tasty something. Try the Enville ales, the Wye Valley Brewery or the Banks for some actual Midland taps. For the hungover mornings, the Staffordshire Oatcakes is the best place you can indulge in all-day breakfast at. They have their signature pancakes that come with bacon and molten cheese; a perfect recipe to a hearty start to the day. While food eateries are one thing, you can choose to attend food making schools, visit a tasting house for wines, try some pork pie or even do a dessert run to Chocolate Alchemy to wind up. The memories of the Midlands will stay in more than just your mind, but in your heart and soul as well.