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Legends of the Midlands

Legends of the Midlands

The middle part of England is an area of outstanding natural, rugged, beauty. Nowhere else in England will you find such diversity of landscape. Industry has touched it but left it relatively unscathed. Visitors flock to enjoy its windswept expanses and yet, except for a few towns and villages, the […]

A Food Lover’s Guide – Travelling to The Midlands

There is more to England than just the North and the Southside. There is an entire stretch to the country that is in between the North and the south. These places are amazing are not always looked into and is called the Midlands. The beauty of the Midlands is that […]

Literature and the Midlands Part 2

3. Samuel Johnson Samuel Johnson is a person to continue the list of people who left an imprint on the world of literature and who has roots in the Midlands. He was born to a 40-year old mother Sarah and Michael Johnsons in 1709 in Lichfield, Staffordshire. Despite his poor […]

Literature and the Midlands Part 1

Everyone has heard names such as William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, Jane Austen or George Orwell; English literary tradition is well established and there is no arguing that writers from this country rightfully deserve a place in the literature’s hall of fame. More specifically, there are quite a few widely known […]

The Charming Towns and Villages of Derbyshire

Derbyshire is a focal point of many who travel to England. The very county seems to echo the past with lush sceneries alongside charming historical towns and villages. Touring through Derbyshire has a likeness of a portal to the past. Dating back over the centuries, Medieval eras and antiquated architectures […]

Who Was the Real Robin Hood of Sherwood Forest?

The Midlands region is the host of enriching stories. From Shakespearian whispers to the home of our beloved Mr. Darcy, the midlands are well versed in historical impressions. There are many heroes that live on within our imaginations, yet several are accounts of real life Midlanders. One of the most […]

Transport in the Midlands

Traditionally the Midlands have had the best transport routes in the country as a result of its geographical position. With it being the most easily accessed region from anywhere else in the United Kingdom, it has always made sense that all major routes run through the region. The area has […]

Tourism in the Midlands – part 2

When tourists visit the Midlands very few will miss the chance to visit the region’s largest city Birmingham. All routes descend on Birmingham with excellent transport entering the city including road, rail air and even water if one counts the numerous canals in the area. Birmingham is famous for its […]

Tourism in the Midlands – part 1

Over the past century there has been a decline in the number of jobs available in the region in the manufacturing industry. As well as there being times this has caused major period where there have been levels of high unemployment, there has also been a rise in the number […]

The Music of the Midlands

The city of Birmingham has several major Orchestras and the biggest is the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra whose home is at the Symphony Hall. The Symphony Hall can seat an audience of 2260 and it was opened in 1991. As well as being home to the orchestra, the venue […]