Famous People from the Midlands

The Midlands has been the birthplace of many people who have gone on to become famous in a variety of different fields. With the region being at the heart of the industrial revolution, it is hardly surprising that a number of these people have made name for themselves in this […]

Sport in the Midlands

Sport in The Midlands has always been popular, especially when the region became the heart of the industrial revolution. The resulting in migration of working class people meant that a large population were looking to be entertained by either watching sport or participating in it. The location of the region […]

The Cuisine of the Midlands

The midlands have had a rich history of being a prosperous agricultural region and it is natural that this is reflected in the cuisine of the area. There are many foods and drinks that are produced in the Midlands and some of these dishes and recipes have originated here. A […]

Best Things to Do in the Midlands of England

Even though there is so much to see and do in the Midlands of England, the region is often overlooked by tourists. Visitors usually go from the cosmopolitan South over motorways across to the North without even coming through to the area that gave birth to Shakespeare, the Industrial Revolution […]

Birmingham and the West Midlands

The West Midlands is synonymous with heavy industrial activity. When the Industrial Revolution was taking place in the UK the heart of it was centred in the West Midlands. The region turned into one massive conurbation as urban sprawl left few green areas unaltered. Just as the region benefited from […]

Television and the Midlands

There have been many television series based in the midlands. The characters that the region produces is perfect for the screen and many a midlands character has found their fame on television.

The South Midlands

Some of the Midlands counties that are associated with the region stretch so far south that they are virtually located in the Home Counties. In fact, some such as Herefordshire and Worcestershire are counties that are associated as being part of the West Country. There are no further southern points […]

The North Midlands

There are a number of counties in the Midlands which border the northern counties of Lancashire and Yorkshire. One such county is Derbyshire, and although it is often referred to as being part of the East Midlands, northern cities like Sheffield are only a stone’s throw away from the county. […]

The East Midlands Counties

The East Midlands counties comprise of Lincolnshire and Leicestershire acting as the eastern border of the Midlands, stretching as far north as Yorkshire and as far south as East Anglia. Leicester recently found itself making the headlines in the world’s press when the city’s football team won the Premier League […]

The History of the Midlands

Every country in the world has a middle area, but England is the only one that has a region that is known as the midlands. The Midlands has its own culture, its’ own accent, there are typical foods, and there is even typical music. It is quite natural that the […]