The Charming Towns and Villages of Derbyshire

Derbyshire is a focal point of many who travel to England. The very county seems to echo the past with lush sceneries alongside charming historical towns and villages. Touring through Derbyshire has a likeness of a portal to the past. Dating back over the centuries, Medieval eras and antiquated architectures hold a presence of nobility in the Midlands. Planning a holiday in Derbyshire promises a unique experience that will enchant your visit with a premise of an aged era with a hint of magic around every corner.


A trip to Eyam will leave you with a lasting impression of the region. A restored market that was a bustling center hundreds of years ago continues to be a stunning site to see. Eyam is full of the natural wonders that surrounds the scenery. Known for the devastating plague of the seventeenth century that turned trauma into triumph as the people of Eyam showed bravery that resulted in saving hundreds of nearby villagers. Entrenched in honor and history, you will see the church and yard, gravesites of original inhabitants and the charm of tributes from long ago.


The meeting place of the White and Dark peaks lies the town of Bradwell. It also bridges the modern world with the essence of the Romanesque time periods. The best of both worlds brings us an extraordinary path of travel. Gritstone and Limestone were the cornerstones of Bradwell with a continued existence. The white Hart Inn is said to have been built in 1676 and can be seen with local churches and cottages that are a historical staple of England.


A town with an intricate past is a favorite among travelers today. Filled with the tidings of love and loss with virtue and victory, Buxton appeals to both sides of a history buff. The once spa town had mineral springs and spa waters that attracted the masses to their humble hills. The Queen Mary of Scots was imprisoned nearby and took the waters while she was detained. The days of yesterday are detailed with the beauty of scenic settings and a fascinating vindication through history.


The trio of Matlock towns each hold a special identity for their part in England’s history.  The heights and hill tops boast majestic scenes. From the peaked tops to caverns below, you will see stone built structures that have graced the area for centuries. Bridges and arches offer a pathway to the past. You will enjoy an array of shopping and eateries to complement your visits throughout the towns. With plenty of accommodations and events to fill your itinerary, learning about Matlock’s rich culture is a genuine experience.

Derbyshire has the ability to transport travelers to centuries ago with a collage of historical sites. Researching the region prior to your travels will help you to prioritize your visit. You can enjoy your time in Derbyshire at museums and local attractions or trek over the hill sides with a plan of your own historical design.