Who Was the Real Robin Hood of Sherwood Forest?

The Midlands region is the host of enriching stories. From Shakespearian whispers to the home of our beloved Mr. Darcy, the midlands are well versed in historical impressions. There are many heroes that live on within our imaginations, yet several are accounts of real life Midlanders. One of the most famous legends is found in the shadows of the truth in an epic tale. Historians have found hints without declaring the details as evidentiary support of the famous Robin Hood who lived in Sherwood Forest.

The Mystery of Robin Hood

Deep in the mists of Sherwood Forest lives the uncertain wonder of Robin Hoods life. The depiction of the plot names Robin as a true keeper of those who are less fortunate. Modern storylines state he robbed from the rich to give to the poor. His honorable deed was the much needed barrier that stood between the good people and the evils of a notorious sheriff of Nottingham.

The twist in the tale lies within the proof Robin Hood ever existed. It is speculated he is either a mere product of a creative moment or an epic legacy based on truthful accounts that have been committed to memory. Unsure which direction the page turns, most have settled to believe him to be more than a myth. When you hear the name Robin Hood, the historical trails of the Sherwood Forest inevitably comes to mind. Keeping the hopes of his valiant bravery alive is the historical virtue of the Forest.

Secrets in Sherwood

The Sherwood Forest began as a seedling hundreds of years ago. The centuries old Oaks still reside over the region carrying the air of freedoms won, the ages passing and the world’s secrets that has traveled through their grounds. For a thousand years, the mighty Oak and it’s many fellow trees have witnessed the eras transform. Robin Hood would have settled in the Sherwood Forest leaving us with only the barest hints of his deeds. The time honored trees of Sherwood are the only witnesses left in our present day.

What we do know is there were actual outlaws living in the Forest who were at great odds with the notorious Sheriff of Nottingham. If we take a look at the time period between the years 1200 and 1400, there was a dividing line of justice between upper class and the poor working folk of the ages. Several accounts of Robin Hoods story place him under the rule of either King Edward the II or King Richard l, the Lionheart. One of the first tellings of Robin is known to be in the latter of the 1300’s. Museums have noted Robin Hoods birth in the late twelfth Century leaving several years for additional facts or assumptions to makes its way into the story line.

Outlaws with similar names and a known band of bandits who stole from the rich in defiance of a king’s rule have persuaded our curiosity. One certainty we can all have is whether our rendition of Robin Hood is true or a mirror image of a fragmented recollection, his gallant legacy will live on to inspire the world.